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Model Series 16600

1969 Caprice

Facts & Figures

Body Styles

Caprice for 1969 had 2 body styles only: Coupe, and 4-door Sport Sedan (Hardtop) The Kingswood Estate wagon was the Caprice equivalent in the 1969 Chevrolet full-size lineup.

Production Numbers

Note: 1969 Production numbers are only available by model groups, not individually.

Series Model Description
# Produced
166 47 2-door Custom Coupe, 8 Cyl.
166 39 4-door Sport Sedan, 8 Cyl.
166 36 Kingswood Estate Wagon, 6 Passenger, 8 Cyl.
166 46 Kingswood Estate Wagon, 9 Passenger, 8 Cyl.
Total Production for Caprice
  1969 Full Size Production - All Models
  *Rounded to the nearest 100  







Colors for Caprice (Click HERE and scroll to page bottom for color chart listed by model series from "Decoding Trim Tags")

Engines (Click HERE for more information from "Power Trains")

Engine Horsepower
RPO Code
327 C.I. V-8
The 327 V-8 was the base V-8 for all models. 1969 was the last year for the 327.
350 C.I. V-8
350 C.I. V-8
396 C.I. V-8
427 C.I. V-8
427 C.I. V-8
427 C.I. V-8
This was the "secret" 427 in 1969. Only 546 of these L72 engines were ordered for any of the full size Chevrolets in 1969, and it was not listed in any sales or dealer materials.

Identifying Features (Exterior)

Caprice was the "top of the line" for the 1969 Chevrolet full size line up, yet it was not nearly as popular as the Impala. Despite that, it had all the luxury features available and plenty of additional trim to make it look lavish and expensive compared to Impala.

Caprice had wide trim extending from the front bumpers all the way to the rear, with a colored insert. Not to be confused with Impala, this trim was nearly twice the width of Impala's. They also had wide chrome trim that covered the entire rocker panel. Caprice, like Impala came with chrome trim around the wheel well openings. However, it had had double chrome rings on the inner and outer edges of each of the 6 tail lights. Also like Impala, Caprice had "Chevrolet" spelled out in individual letters across the front edge of the hood. Finally, unlike ALL other full size Chevrolet's for 1969, Caprice had CLEAR, not orange turn signal lenses in the front lower valance panel, to help set it apart from the other models.

Unlike Impala there was additional chrome trim that ran the full width of the car just above the rear bumper on the trunk lid and rear most edges of the rear fenders, and chrome trim surrounding the lower grille below the front bumper. As mentioned on the Impala page, we have seen several GM factory photos of Impala's sporting this Caprice trim, but research indicates that this trim is specific only to Caprice.

As far as the records go, hide away headlights were available ONLY on Caprice for 1969, despite the popular belief that Impala could have them also. This is according to all literature from GM we've seen on the matter. To date nobody has been able to prove otherwise, although you will find many Impalas that have been modified and had them added on by their owners. It is indeed possible given the existence of "COPO" and other special order methods of the '60's, that an Impala may have rolled off the line with this option. But unless someone can produce an un-modified Impala build sheet showing a factory installation of this option, it appears this belief is destined to remain a myth.


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