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1969 Chevrolet Trim Tags

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The trim tag (or cowl tag) is the next important tag on your vehicle after the VIN. There essentially 2 styles of trim tags found on 1969 full size Chevrolets, that used in previous production years up to and including early 1969, and that used for late 1969. Canadian and American built Chevrolets used variations of these two styles. Examples may be seen below:

Late 1969 American Trim Tags

This is the most common trim tag style found on 1969 full size Chevrolets. It is the late 1969 style. Not shown on this diagram are option codes, found on the bottom line of the tag. There is no formal information available on how to decode option codes, however many clubs and web sites have attempted to do so. The only thing known for sure about these codes is that they indicate options that required modification of the body in the Fisher Body plant prior to final assembly. Option codes are not always present on trim tags.

As we have no way to validate the meanings of the codes, we will not attempt to decipher them.

Late 1969 Canadian Trim Tags

This is the Canadian version of the late 1969 style trim tag. Notice on this diagram the option codes do appear. The option codes did not necessarily correlate to any RPO Regular Production Option) codes as you will see in the early 1969 American example. The numbers on the bottom line and their meaning varied from plant to plant in many cases.

Early 1969 Canadian Trim Tags

Here is an example of an early 1969 Canadian trim tag. This example actually shows a 1968 car however this was the style used into the 1969 model year. Differences of note include the time built code location, and style (not a 3 digit alpha-numeric code as with the other examples). This tag also indicates not just the paint code but the type of paint, unlike the others. Option codes are not present on this example, however just like the late 1969 tags they appeared on the bottom line if they were present.

Option codes were not always indicated on the tags.

Early 1969 American Trim Tags

This is an example of the early 1969 American trim tag (although it shows a 1968 Chevrolet in this example). Differences from the Canadian one are the location of the time built code on the top line, the option codes on the bottom line, and the "A" code also on the top line. This code was used on the assembly line to quickly identify a specific interior, however different codes were used from plant to plant, and some plants didn't use them at all. It is impossible to know the exact meaning of this code.




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