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There were four models available for the 1969 Chevrolet full size wagons, one for each of the equivalent trim levels in the other full size models. The Kingswood Estate was equivalent to the Caprice, while the Kingswood was equal to the Impala. The Townsman was on the same level as the Bel Air, while the Brookwood equalled the Biscayne.

Production Numbers

Note: 1969 Production numbers for individual full size wagon models are not available.

Series Model Description
# Produced
153 36 Brookwood Wagon, 6 Passenger, 6 Cyl.
154 36 Brookwood Wagon, 6 Passenger, 8 Cyl.
155 36 Townsman Wagon, 6 Passenger, 6 Cyl.
155 46 Townsman Wagon, 9 Passenger, 6 Cyl.
156 36 Townsman Wagon, 6 Passenger, 8 Cyl.
156 46 Townsman Wagon, 9 Passenger, 8 Cyl.
164 36 Kingswood Wagon, 6 Passenger, 8 Cyl.
164 46 Kingswood Wagon, 9 Passenger, 8 Cyl.
166 36 Kingswood Estate Wagon, 6 Passenger, 8 Cyl.
166 46 Kingswood Estate Wagon, 9 Passenger, 8 Cyl.
  1969 Full Size Production - All Models
  *Rounded to the nearest 100  







Colors for Wagons (Click HERE for color chart listed by model series from "Decoding Trim Tags")

Engines (Click HERE for more information from "Power Trains")

Engine Horsepower
RPO Code
250 C.I. L-6
The 250 in-line 6 cylinder engine was the base engine for all models except Impala Convertible, Impala Custom Coupe, Kingswood and Kingswood Estate Wagons, and all Caprice models.
327 C.I. V-8
The 327 V-8 was the base V-8 for all models. 1969 was the last year for the 327.
350 C.I. V-8
350 C.I. V-8
396 C.I. V-8
427 C.I. V-8
427 C.I. V-8
427 C.I. V-8
This was the "secret" 427 in 1969. Only 546 of these L72 engines were ordered for any of the full size Chevrolets in 1969, and it was not listed in any sales or dealer materials.

Identifying Features (Exterior)

Kingswood Estate:

The Kingswood Estate was the top of the line wagon, equal to Caprice. It wore a unique side-chrome treatment, was often decked out in simulated wood grain trim, and was often loaded with all the luxury features you would expect with Caprice. This wagon carried the 6 tail light theme of Impala and Caprice, and Caprice's clear white turn signal lenses instead of the orange ones used on all other full size models. Kingswood Estate could only be bought only with a V-8. A third reverse-facing rear seat was optional making room for 9 passengers. "Chevrolet" was written in bold script across the width of the hood. Hide away headlights were also available on the Kingswood Estate. Finally, an emblem with crossed flags appeared only on 427 powered Kingswood Estate models just behind the front side marker lights.

Kingswood :

Like the Impala, Kingswood was second from the "top of the line". Kingswood shared Impala's narrow side trim which extended from the front bumper to the rear, and had a colored insert. It also wore the narrow "spear" like trim on the rocker panels shared by Impala and Biscayne. The 6 tail light theme was extended to this wagon in keeping with Impala tradition, and the "Chevrolet" script was present across the width of the hood as with the Impala and Caprice. Hide away headlights were not available, as they were limited to Caprice and Kingswood Estate models. As with the Kingswood Estate, an optional third rear seat was available giving room for 9 passengers, and only 8 cylinder engines could be ordered


Bel Air's equivalent wagon was the Townsman, and this was clearly evident in the exterior trim. Like the Bel Air an narrow strip of chrome (with no colored insert) ran the full length of the car from front bumper to rear, but no trim whatsoever was present on the rocker panels. There was no chrome trim around the wheel wells, and the "Chevrolet" script that spans the width of the hood on Kingswood and Kingswood Estate models was merely a small insignia appearing on the left most corner of the hood. In keeping with the tail light scheme of Bel Air, Townsman only had 4 tail lights instead of 6. As with Kingswood and Kingswood Estate, Townsman had the optional 3rd seat to accommodate 9 passengers but could also be bought with a 6 cylinder as well as a V-8.


Brookwood was equal to Biscayne in the wagon line-up. Just like Townsman it was devoid of most trim except for the narrow rocket panel trim shared by Impala. It maintained the 4 tail light theme of Biscayne, and could be bought with either a 6 cylinder or a V-8, but the optional third seat was not available on Brookwood. This was simply the entry-level full size wagon.

1969 Full Size Wagons


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